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New Community Project

Single (or several) copies of the resources below are offered free-of-charge as our way of supporting you or your group in living responsibly with our earth and its people; for larger quantities, we invite contributions to cover the cost of the printing. We also welcome visits of a few hours to a year or more to our "on-the-ground" resource, the Sustainable Living Center in Harrisonburg, VA. NCP staff are also available to visit your church, school or community as an in-person resource for classes, retreats, worship services, youth events or other occasions. Contact us at to discuss the possibilities.

Earth Care

Copies of Your Ecological Footprint—add up how many acres of the earth you need to support your lifestyle—hint: we’ve all got room to grow…
adult religious    youth religious     secular youth

copies of Eat, Drink, and Be Wary...? Guide to food choices that are healthy for people and planet.

copies of The Average American chronicling the consumption patterns of the typical harried US consumer, along with great ideas for reigning in consumption - for earth's/soul's/neighbor's sake. Terrific handout for an earth stewardship Sunday.

Polar Bear bookmark, a special children's version of our endangered species bookmark.


Trees of Life, a one-page introduction to rainforest ecosystem, including causes of rainforest destruction and what we can do about it.

copies of It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3…4, 5, 6, 7  Seven ways faith communities can exercise good stewardship in relation to energy use and care of property.

copies of Paper Trail flyer Finding ways to consume less paper—and preserve forests and cut back on global warming in the process.

copies of Trains, planes, cars...and bikes  NCP's guide to alternative transportation in a car-centered culture.

copies of You and CO2 (adult) or CO2 and You (youth) - measure your carbon dioxide emissions and find out how to make reductions.

copies of The Be(e/a)tles Guide to Saving God’s Earth The Fab Four lead us on a magical mystery tour of ways to better care for our planet.

religious version secular version

copies of Save the Earth post-it notes. Offers great daily deeds to combat global warming.

religious version    secular version

copies of Turn Down the Heat climate change action flyer. Offers great daily deeds to combat global warming.

Contact us about an energy audit for our facilities.


Justice - or just us

copies of Follow the Money, showing the ripple effect--both good and bad--of the way we spend our money

Copies of Spending Money, youth/young adult version of Follow the Money


Copies of 3,2,1... Changing the world begins with changing ourselves. NCP's basic flyer for youth.

copies of Consuming Appetites - a look at our patterns of consumption and how they compare to our global neighbors.

Send flyer for If a Tree Falls…rainforest preservation project
Send information about Give a Girl a Chance support for education projects. Great for a Bible School or other special focus.

Additional Resources

copies of New Community Project introductory flyer
copies of Learning Tours line-up for coming year - experience a new part of the world with New Community Project. Learn firsthand about the issues facing our neighbors and our planet.
copies of As the World Turns... New Community Project's newsletter (published twice per year)
copies of Special Projects flyer - information about ongoing projects of New Community Project to support girls' education, women's development, and reforestation around the world..

Send samples of skits and readings for use in worship services.

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