Core ProgramsSupport our core programs (enables us to speak in schools, colleges, churches and community settings 150 times per year; supports our Sustainable Living Centers in Virginia and Vermont; sends Solidarity Workers to work with NCP partners around the world; provides an array of free print and web materials; gives leadership for Learning Tours and our Special Projects to assist girls, women and the environment; sends out topical emails to thousands of recipients and our 2/year “real mail” newsletter As the World Turns to over 6000 people)

Give a Girl a Chance

Support Give a Girl a Chance
(provides funds for girls’ education and women’s development in Nepal, Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan)

gagc Girls Education

Support Give a Girl a Chance: Second Step
(scholarships for South Sudanese Girls to complete high school or receive specialized job training in Uganda)

Tree Falls

Support If a Tree Falls
(provides funds for reforestation programs in South Sudan, the DR Congo, Nepal and Myanmar, and preserves rainforest in the Ecuadorian Amazon)

Scholarship Fund

Support our Scholarship Fund
(helps young people take part in Learning Tours and serve as Solidarity Workers)

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